Gisco Inc.


Heavy Duty Screw Conveyor is designed to convey powders, crystals, flakes and granules at stable flow rates in continuous or interrupted modes. Material and construction for the hopper, spiral, casing and outlet chute is steel. A steel casing allows for durability. The spiral is powered by a gear-motor specified per size and application. This basic unit includes a safety grid.


Includes all the standard features of the basic unit with the addition of an electrical control system. This system allows for forward and reverse function of drive motor.


Is a further enhanced version of the basic unit. Proximity sensors and logic control are provided for automatic loading of material independent from basic processing unit.


Is a full featured, state of the art loading system. System includes all of the aforementioned features plus electronic speed control. Also featured is a digital process meter displaying the exact amount of material being transferred.


Includes all the standard features of the basic unit with the addition of a super sack ready cover with safety switches, fluidizer and maintenance inspection door.

SLS-4000 and SLS-4000-A

Super Sack Loading System with a heavy duty steel frame and electrically driven Hoist with maximum capacity of 4000 Lbs (1800 kg) (SLS-4000-A driven on track).

Custom designed for special applications available.

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