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Designed For: Acrylic & Polyester Base Continuous Solid Surface Processor Solid Surface Acrylic or Polyester & Void Free Cultured Marble or Composites Product

Truly Void Free Matrix
Output Range (Per Model..5 To Over 100 kg/min

Dynamic Mixing and Dispensing Extruder, Dual Resin Metering System with Heat Exchanger System to stabilize the curing process, One High Precision Catalyst Metering System, Cleansing and Air Dry System, Dual Filler Aggregate Metering System for ATH (or pre mixed materials), Filler Fluidizers with Frequency controlled Vibrators, Hoppers equipped with Minimum/Maximum level sensors to control the auto-aggregate loading process from the floor level

Monitoring, metering and dispensing process: Displayed on the monitor are the Rpm's of the extruder, catalyst dispensing, output range of metered raw materials, catalyst to resin percentage, additives to resin percentage, total output per minute, faults and warning displays, temperature and condition of entire process. The above data can be transferred to a dedicated data base file.
Standard 10 formulas (expandable)

Operator Interface (per Specification), Environmental Friendly Water Base Cleansing System, Control Of Raw Materials Usage Analysis, Third Resin System with Heat Exchanger, Temperature Conditioner for Acrylic System, Multiple Filler Metering Systems with Horizontal Blender, Multiple Granule Metering Systems (4-6-12 Hoppers or Custom Made per Specification), Multiple Base Color Metering Units (1 to 12 Colors In One Base Frame or More), Marble Veining System, Special Color Effects, Activator or Hardener Metering System, Remote Custom Process Control Console, Large Sheets Handling Option, Audio or Visual Warning System, Turntable; Moving Platform and Lifter For Entire Processor (per Specification), RFID Molds Recognition System, Closed Molds Injection

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