Gisco Inc.


Today, the name Gisco is known thoruhgout the world as an innovative designer and developer of the hghest quality continuous processing equipment serving the cast polymer industry.

Gisco Atomation Ltd. creates automated lines and equipment for the manufacturing of Solid Surface, Enginered Stone, Cultured Marble, Polymer Concrete and Composite or Recycled Materials.

Gisco prides itself in the offering of "custom" automated cast polymer processing systems designed to fit the specific needs of our customers.

Our on-going product research and design engineering functions are structured specifically to assure that our customers remain on the "cutting edge" of technology. We provide the products and services to help them achieve and maintain their competitive edge.

Gisco offers turn-key operations, planned, designed and installed. Fully automated production lines-PC controlled.

Gisco offers systems as follows: CMVP & ACMVP, CPVAC, Duo System, EM – Processor, PCS – Processor, Dry materal handling; HLX & HLXC, Loaders, Automated Continuous Casting Processors.
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