Gisco Inc.
Gisco Inc.
Gisco Inc. creates equipment for the manufacture of solid surface, engineered stone, cultured marble, polymer concrete and composite/recycled materials. Gisco Inc. offers systems as follows: CMVP & ACMVP, CPVAC, Duo System, EM–Processor, Dry Material Handling; HLX & HLXC Loaders, Automated Continuous Casting Processeors; PCS–Processor.
The name GISCO is known throughout the world as an innovative designer & developer of the highest quality continuous processing equipment serving the cast polymer industry. [More about Gisco Inc.]

Primary Manufacturing Equipment

Casting Equipment, Extruders, Polymer
concrete machinery

Fiber Converting Equipment
Used equipment

Design, Testing, Consulting
& Other Services

Education & Training [More products]

Designed For: Acrylic & Polyester Base Continuous Solid Surface Processor Solid Surface Acrylic or Polyester & Void Free Cultured Marble or Composites Product

Dynamic Mixing and Dispensing Extruder, Dual Resin Metering System with Heat Exchanger System to stabilize the curing process [More about Duo System]

For over three decades Flite Technology has been a leading supplier in machine components for the Plastic, Food and Rubber industry. Flite Technology has earned the reputation as an innovator and industry leader in the manufacturing of precision single and twin feed screws and barrels. Whether it's new, rebuilding, designing or repair, you can be confident our service, quality and performance will be unsurpassed. [Visit Flite Technology]
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